I am currently serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Johannesburg, South Africa Mission! I plan to serve for two years before returning home to finish my education.

I am serving a mission because I know that God is our loving Father in Heaven. I have a testimony that he knows each of us personally and wants us to succeed. The gospel Jesus Christ leads to lasting happiness. The fullness of his Gospel exists on the Earth today and I want to help spread the joyous news!

If you are reading this and don't know for yourself I plead with you to learn more. You can gain a personal witness that the Gospel has been restored! Visiting http://mormon.org is a great way to start!

I miss you all and would love to hear from you! See you in two years!

One Thousand Thank You's

January 11, 2010

Hey Everyone,

First, here are the answers to your questions:

1) How is your health?

It's pretty good. I've had a bit of a cold the past two days, meaning a runny nose and sore throat in the morning. But it’s nothing that's slowed me down

2) Are you still losing weight?

I think I was only losing weight the first few weeks in the MTC and upon entering the mission field. I just noticed that I had lost the weight later on.

3) You were at 175 lb and now you lost 15 lbs which = 160 lbs - how much do you weigh now?

I weigh about 162 now.

4) Do you know why you have lost weight?

I'm pretty sure it's just because I am no longer lifting weights, It sounds like the same thing happened to several other missionaries in the flat - then they started gaining weight, but as fat instead of muscle.

5) Do you have any other health problems?

Not that I know of. Occasional Sunburns. I try to wear sunscreen, and they're never very bad. I feel great, just that I'm getting over a chest cold.

6) How are your health problems (if any) being treated?

There aren't any that I've had to be treated for. The conditions aren't that bad out here and I don't know any missionaries that have had parasites. I'm doing well and I'll make sure to talk to the mission health advisor if I notice anything or lose more weight.

You really don't need to worry about me; I'm very well taken care of. So long as I live up to my calling I seriously doubt much can hinder me, I have the prayers of so many friends and family members, the wonderful blessings contained in my personal blessings, as well as the myriad of promises contained in the scriptures. Please don't be unduly concerned, I have the whole of heaven watching out for me.

The Christmas package you sent arrived last Tuesday! I loved the notes and candy from everyone. I especially enjoyed all the pictures! They turned out really well. The framed picture now hangs above my desk and the picture book sits beside my clock. Thanks for all the thought you put into it! I really appreciated the laminated card with my setting apart and Father's blessing on it! I really like the watch you sent, the one I brought out is pretty scratched up now. The Stockings were great too! Elder Sicotte gives his thanks for the one you sent him. Thanks so much!

A Christmas package came from Grandma and Grandpa Ward too. It had a calendar with pictures of things we've done during the last several years. It was really thoughtful. I loved looking through the pictures on each page. It now hangs right beside my desk. They sent a letter with it, a 2G memory card, and a copy of the Ensign. Let them know that I received it and make sure to thank them, I really appreciated it. I'm planning to send Grandma and Grandpa a letter today, but it will probably take a while to reach them. My scriptures, the calendar they sent, and the pictures you sent are now my most prized belongings.

I'm so thankful for all the support that I've had. I'm still anticipating the Dear Elder letter from the seminary class, but I've received several Christmas cards and supportive letters from ward members. I'm sure you have, but make sure to thank everyone the ward for me! There were so many great examples of service. I often use examples of people from the ward when I talk about service, dedication, or keeping the Sabbath day holy. As I look back they've all made such a difference in my life.

The elders in Mamelodi West know a member that has a computer and is willing to burn pictures on to a CD; hopefully I'll be able to send one within the next week. I'm sorry that I haven't been able to send more.

This week was awesome! Just this Sunday I had the chance to Baptize Sherifah Manyathella and her daughter, Amogelong. I also confirmed Ayesha, Sherifah's older daughter a member of the church. The father, Samuel has become much more open to our message and is willing to pray about our message. We have high hopes for him!

During the week Elder Sicotte and I brought out two ward missionaries and went on splits, because of it we were able to find several new father led families! Two of those fathers came to church this Sunday! I am really excited for them. We have taught several others who have recently received the witness of the spirit that these things are true! The work is going really well! I love serving and being able to see the blessings being outpoured in these people's lives!

Once again I'm about out of time. Thank you so much for everything! I really feel blessed to have such a wonderful family and such loving friends!


Elder Halterman

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